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Better quality, customized homes, commercial buildings
and churches are going up faster for less money

Building a new home, commercial building or church? It can be a stress-inducing and time-consuming process, but it does not have to be. There is a smarter way! For almost half a century the Barden & Robeson Corporation has been synonymous with providing quality material for customized homes and buildings at affordable prices. From its innovative manufacturing process to providing materials for timely and meticulous construction, Barden continues a tradition of excellence that has been a hallmark of the company since 1909.

As a fourth generation, family-owned and operated business, the foundation for Barden's success has been a unique manufacturing process that facilitates the quick delivery of the finished product. Long known as the innovator in the industry, Barden pioneered the panelized manufacturing process - a process that the building industry is only now beginning to recognize as the wave of the future.

Move in faster.

A unique manufacturing process that facilitates the quick delivery of the finished product allows a builder to save time and money. Barden has two manufacturing facilities that ship ready-to-assemble building components from the Eastern seaboard to the Midwest.

"Bad weather, or an absent framer, during the critical period from startup until the building is weather tight, can ruin a builder's day and jeopardize a customer's investment," said Joseph McCombes, Sales Administrator. "To Barden, these occurrences are just minor inconveniences, as significantly shorter construction time is a major benefit to buyers, who also save on construction loan interest."

To bypass any such obstacles, Barden has moved much of the framing process from the building site into its climate-controlled manufacturing facilities. Using state-of-the-art equipment and strict quality control, Barden assembles many complex components at the facilities, then ships them to the job site. A Barden home, commercial building, or church progresses from first-floor sill plate to shingled ridge vent in just a week or two, even for the largest of buildings.

Greater energy efficiency means greater cost savings for you.

For many years, Barden has been an industry leader in energy-efficient construction. Its standard construction specifications add tremendous residual value for buyers, and exceed the Energy Star Program requirements. The Barden material package is between 3045% more efficient than many building codes. Wall panels are manufactured with "L-shaped" corners so insulation can be spread to the outside corners of the building.

Each Barden construction has a custom-cut skirting board attaching the foundation sill plate to the wall panels, helping to eliminate another important heat-loss area. Barden uses 2 x 6 truss cords, as standard, which allow for wider insulation spaces.

A better, faster, smarter way to build.

The real advantage of panelized construction comes from the manufacturing process. At Barden's manufacturing facilities, trained operators run a stapling bridge that attaches sheathing to wall panels six inches on center. Each staple is center-fired on the studs with a precision and power that could never be achieved in the field, enhancing the strength and durability of the finished panels. Panels are constructed on wall jigs, allowing for square and evenly spaced studs. They are inspected and numbered to correspond to a detailed set of plans.

After the components are constructed, they are delivered to the site, and craned into place. Deliveries are scheduled every two to three days as needed. This efficient and careful process means that a weather-tight, lockable home, commercial building or church can be erected in just one to two weeks.

Easy and affordable options.

Some opt to save even more by acting as their own general contractor. The independent dealers make this possible by offering support and guidance, along with critical help in scheduling subcontractors. By providing whatever the customer needs, independent dealers help to make the building process easy, affordable and enjoyable.

The smart choice.

Barden sets the standards for providing materials for innovative construction. With the customer at the forefront of its concern, Barden has revolutionized the building of homes, commercial buildings and churches into a friendly, fast, and affordable process.

For further information on the three Barden divisions, or for a local independent dealer in your area, please call (888)799-9937 or visit Barden online at